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Shanghai Yalai New E西還nergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-te討長ch enterprise integrating r影和esearch, development, production, and多離 sales. Its main business scope inc知湖ludes: lithium iron phosphat知玩e batteries, lithium ion batteries,樹吧 lithium polymer batter雨開ies, lithium argon thi弟下oyl chloride batteries, lithi河現um manganese batteries, power ada少報pters, chargers, etc.

Relying on a modern production ba秒拍se and equipped with reliable producti森妹on equipment, the co子用mpany has an annual production ca說對pacity of over 100 m高謝illion batteries. Absorbing inter房劇national scientific managem舞樹ent experience in research and develo醫議pment, production, quality control, 請都and sales, we have established and im少妹proved our own quality a拍藍ssurance system in strict accordanc山相e with the requirements of the ISO9001:醫弟2000 system. From raw mat水筆erial procurement, ra日他w material inspection, pr電區ocess control, to finished著商 product shipment, t愛和here are complete, systematic, a高少nd scientific operating sp雜筆ecifications to ensure stable and影就 reliable product quality.

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Relying on a modern production base 紅房and equipped with reliable prod亮區uction equipment, the company h水醫as an annual production拍東 capacity of over 100 藍放million batteries. Absorbing inte知刀rnational scientific management線樹 experience in research and d船器evelopment, producti金子on, quality control, and s師黃ales, we have established店兒 and improved our own qua暗街lity assurance system in stri美日ct accordance with the re妹他quirements of the ISO9001:200她去0 system. From raw material雜風 procurement, raw mater子靜ial inspection, process control, to f麗黃inished product ship書高ment, there are complete, s明答ystematic, and scientific o微草perating specifications to e的樂nsure stable and rel東快iable product quality.


Relying on a modern production男算 base and equipped with reliable 資坐production equipment, the compan子件y has an annual production capa現雪city of over 100 million b照錢atteries. Absorbing inter音我national scientific management ex店友perience in research拿東 and development, product視資ion, quality control, and sa多是les, we have established小愛 and improved our own quality assura影師nce system in strict acco子坐rdance with the requiremen雪生ts of the ISO9001:2000 system. From 書新raw material procurem空生ent, raw material inspection跳大, process control, to finished p廠討roduct shipment, ther拿暗e are complete, systematic, a去家nd scientific operating specifications 相謝to ensure stable and relia書子ble product quality.


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