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An excellent enterprise is 拿愛to create a core value and a se生家nse of mission that can be recogni事鄉zed by all employees of the enter說訊prise, a psychological environm照頻ent that can promote employe件到es to work hard, and an environmen北分t that can ensure continuous improvemen窗光t in business performance新答 and actively promote organizational 分她change and development. corporate b朋刀rand culture. Yalai's cor吧歌porate culture is custome分城r-centric, treats employees 還來equally, balances the 購銀interests of stakeholders, advocates章西 team spirit, and encour也請ages innovation, which fundament志城ally embodies the &quo如理t;people-oriented" 討笑management concept, which is manife多綠sted in four aspects:

1. In the process of management, as lo弟微ng as you have any ide站姐as and opinions, you c懂草an directly put them forw現相ard. Listeners can maintain a state 煙近of mind that if there is some友計thing, it will be corrected, and件低 if there is nothing, 日草it will be crowned; the spe了現aker can know everyth民好ing and say everything; In this h窗這armonious atmosphere, ev懂我en if you can't be honest,兵厭 you can at least treat each ot愛裡her with sincerity; jointly creat光湖e a more friendly team.

2. Provide a development p熱樂latform for any ambitious and capabl雜月e employees. Anyone as 地鐘long as you feel capable of doing w你她ell and have a well-planned impleme南頻ntation plan, the com是線pany will give you the opportun跳要ity and take the risk of failure討森.

3. As long as you美制 work hard and have achieved rema她年rkable results, the company will舞去 not be in vain and 服呢ensure that it will have rich ret件老urns. The company has introduced a行行 system to encourage 工務innovation. As long as y見訊ou have new ideas, good ideas, and can西年 create value, the comp錢個any will reward you.

4. Employees and 些村enterprises grow together. The enterpr林煙ise's talent trainin紅說g methods are firstly to introduce f長樹oreign talents, so that other舊來 employees have a specific templa綠坐te for mutual learning; secondl報內y, to advocate "lea科機rning from oneself", to advocate 店的continuous induction and summary, 在做so as to improve their overal分舊l level, and provide e計鐵mployees with Various opportunities很志 to improve special ability tra廠朋ining.


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