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緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案 緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案
緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案 緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案
緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案 緻力于提供完整的移動能源解決方案


      理現 Shanghai Lifet票煙y New Energy Technogy Co.,Ltd. is a hi我和gh-tech enterprise integ樹討rating research, development, produc金司tion, and sales. Its main business s山你cope includes: lithium iron ph行很osphate batteries, lithium ion batte慢分ries, lithium polymer batteries, li上快thium argon thioyl chl熱國oride batteries, lithium manganese ba輛技tteries, power adapters, chargers, and 雜黑so on.


      &nbs慢門p;Relying on a modern 那舞production base and equipped with 什一reliable production equipment,相拿 the company has an annual producti還微on capacity of over 1近外00 million batteries人聽. Absorbing internati路分onal scientific management experienc白樹e in research and development, prod科動uction, quality control, and sa冷爸les, we have established a學作nd improved our own quality assur快司ance system in strict acc有身ordance with the require雜村ments of the ISO9001:2000 system. From不用 raw material procurement可睡, raw material inspection, process c會日ontrol, to finished product shipmen舞吧t, there are complete, systematic,鐵民 and scientific operating specificatio從還ns to ensure stable and r廠開eliable product quality.

Our Strengths


  • Authoritative certification standards村子

    Implement the concept of腦坐 safety throughout the product國地 life cycle, ensure the safety 美船and compliance of pr城說oducts in batch production, and ensu商謝re that every link of the supply不議 chain is guaranteed

  • Excellent product quality

    The unremitting pursuit of exc志校ellent product quality al動草so reflects the firm c得器onfidence of the enterprise in房師 its own production strength 計票and its strong confidence not to be國校 afraid of testing at any time

  • Perfect production process

    The company strives for excellenc物呢e in every step of its products, f厭視rom raw material procu通都rement to finished product藍秒 delivery

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    Strict testing methods

    The company strictly con大窗trols product quality and ach近那ieves trial simulation in mul用場tiple environments to exte畫和nd the service life of the product

  • 05

    Wide application range

    The products are widely used fo呢媽r energy storage and communication ba分湖ckup power supply in light vehi黃空cles, electric tools, starting power su快樂pplies, industrial mine西動r's lamps, solar energy, wind energ爸愛y, and other power stations.

Customer FAQs


Can lithium manganese batteries be m票她ixed with other batteri黑時es? For example, can lithium mangan短靜ese batteries be mixed with人金 solder pin batteries.

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May not. When different types of b中舞atteries are used together, or whe在市n new and old batteries are used to店兵gether, differences in voltage,校城 capacity, and other characteristic謝飛s can lead to excessive discharge, depl雪師etion of lithium manganese battery ca讀在pacity, leading to expansion,城微 explosion, and even fire熱內.


Can lithium manganese batteries come i舊腦nto contact with water?

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May not. This can lead to c在短orrosion or the generation of f我員lammable gases.


Can lithium manganese batteries b地銀e stored in electrical appl志不iances after use or if they are no北子t used for a long time?

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If the appliance is not used for a lon工間g time, it is best to take out the li都光thium manganese battery and place it in算車 a low temperature, dr暗門y place, otherwise the service life 能煙of the lithium manganese batte理廠ry will be shortened.


In what environment sh照路ould lithium manganese 個用batteries be stored?

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Lithium manganese batteries唱從 should be placed in a place without di電火rect sunlight, and ensure a 我時dry environment with relatively small t都西emperature changes.


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