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Chinese scientists have dev唱坐eloped the world's highest specific議費 energy lithium-su

Chinese scientists have develo信家ped the world's highest speci南水fic energy lithium-su

  A few days ag她分o, the "high specific energy, larg日門e capacity lithium-sul區都fur secondary battery飛爸 and battery pack" wit也離h independent intellectual pro弟通perty rights developed by the Dalia文兒n Institute of Chemica銀筆l Physics of the Chin海人ese Academy of Sciences (her醫金einafter referred to as "Dalian人數 Institute of Chemical Physics文雜") was approved i制生n Beijing by the China National 技服Light Industry Council. Appraisal遠東 of scientific and technologi音新cal achievements organiz市還ed by the organizatio服化n. The appraisal opinion is: t地謝he overall technology of the project低街 has reached the inter畫鐵national advanced level,微日 and the energy density has reach東道ed the international leading 身多level.

  Specific energy離鐘 is the energy released by a 中用battery per unit weight or unit 開西volume, and is an import購到ant performance indicator of a bat空科tery. Lithium-sulfur battery is a high-生到specific-energy secondary 訊花battery with abundant raw mat筆民erial reserves, environmental房拍 friendliness, and low cost. It is a微鐵lso the next-generation secondary 白從battery technology that姐一 is closest to practical use.熱厭 However, elemental sulfur is an i微鐘nsulating material, the electrode has拿們 low reactivity and is eas妹服ily lost, and the re的門lative lack of battery engineeri在見ng technology seriously匠快 hinders the practical applica自鄉tion of this battery.

  In recent years, the researc市城h team led by Dalian Institut哥筆e of Chemical Physics researche草呢r Chen Jian has overcome a se廠和ries of lithium-sulfur battery 刀機engineering technical problems, 內暗successively developed體姐 high-performance battery key mater上關ials and key component大文s, and developed high-capacity lithium-暗慢sulfur battery and battery pack technol如唱ogy.

 The third-party test re見唱port shows that the 紅術specific energy of the 35Ah battery dev讀麗eloped by the research grou理東p reached 566Wh/kg (measured a購木t 25°C), the specific醫妹 energy of the 39Ah battery reached 6答作16Wh/kg (measured at北行 50°C), and the specific en地花ergy of the 1kWh lithium-sulfur不唱 battery pack reached 332Wh/kg林高. This is the lithium-sulfur b錢子attery and battery pack with the 你玩highest specific energy in the world睡費 so far. At the same tim做小e, the high-capacity lith如腦ium-sulfur battery has passed城如 the third-party safety perf嗎制ormance test using th朋會e electric vehicle power battery st劇短andard.

  Recently, the researc的科h group has made important progress i自長n the practical application of batterie術腦s, developed my country'件為;s first 12kWh lithiu了校m-sulfur battery-photovoltaic batter筆北y joint demonstration 腦物system with independe子綠nt intellectual prope自還rty rights, and successfully 白睡operated it. The practical applicatio短請n in power stations, ve答吃hicle power supplies and other 業謝fields has laid a techn熱也ical foundation.


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